I purchased my shootout ticket! What is next?

YAY we can’t wait to have you shoot with us! Next you will be added to an Instagram group with fellow attendees so you can get to know one each other. In this group we will add shootout details like location, arrival time and a list of the vendors involved with your shootout. This is also a great opportunity to ask questions, follow the vendors ahead of time and stay involved. The groups are updated with attendees as people purchase tickets so there are new people always coming in until the event sells out.

How much time do we get to shoot? How does it work?

The shootouts consist of 2 hours of shooting time and we only have space for 15 photographers per event. When it comes time to shoot the group will split into two and spend two rotations photographing the model couple and photographing all of the details (tablescape, invitation suite, cake, etc.). After the rotations our group will come together and shoot additional portraits and work with the model couple for the remaining time. Each photographer will get opportunities to jump in and out to pose, direct and work with the model couple and our team will oversee and give each photographer their 5 minutes to direct. We will rotate through the entire group as many times as we can to give everyone as much opportunity as possible!

Is this open to videographers?

Yes this is the perfect opportunity for both photographers and videographers to create amazing content to add to their portfolios! We welcome both types of creatives to our shootouts and can’t wait to see what you create.

Do I need photography experience? What if I am just starting out?

We suggest having some understanding of your camera so you don’t lose shooting time trying to figure out the basics. However, if you are new to manual mode and want some gorgeous subjects to practice exposing in real time than this is the perfect opportunity. Not only will you have an opportunity to direct but you can shoot while other photographers are directing and this gives you more time to practice and learn. The Shootout Society was born to help photographers of all experience levels learn and grow so if you are just getting started than we would love to have you!