Wedding Photographer Checklist - 10 Must Bring Items For Your Shoot

Wedding Photographer Checklist - 10 Must Bring Items For Your Shoot

As a wedding photographer, you’re going to need to bring more than just your camera to a shoot! It’s your job to ensure the best possible photos no matter the weather, lighting, venue and all the other elements outside of your control. 

Whether you’re attending one of our Shootouts or you’re shooting a client’s wedding, these 10 items should be on your must bring checklist!

#1 The Right Camera

This might seem like an obvious one, but ensuring you have a proper DSLR camera that you are familiar with is really important. Our shootouts are great for newbies so you don’t have to have all the settings down yet, however you’ll need to have an understanding of the basics.

#2 Variety of Lenses 

For wedding photography, you'll need to carry a wide angle lens, a zoom lens and a portrait lens. We also recommend a macro lens for the iconic “wedding ring” shot so you can get up really close and show off all the finer details. 

#3 Spare Batteries & Memory Cards

You want to ensure your camera battery is fully charged the night before the shoot, but you’ll also want to charge a couple of spares. Plus, you’ll want to bring more memory cards than you think you need (we suggest at least a 32GB or 64GB) so if one fails, you’ve got a backup. 

#4 Lens Cleaner

There’s a good chance your lens will get dirty, especially if you’re shooting in locations like the desert or the beach. Buy some alcohol-based wipes and a lens cloth to ensure there’s no smudges or grime on your lens as that will lead to blurry, smudgy photos. And you don’t want to risk using your shirt to clean your lens and possibly scratching the glass. Yuck!

#5 Tripod

While you don’t need to bring a tripod to our shootout, they can come in handy if you’re working in very low light or wanting to composite images together.

 #6 Flash

Most of our shootouts are held in the afternoon so have great natural light however, you may like to add some more artificial light if it’s a cloudy day or the models are backlit. 

#7 Emergency Kit

It’s always a good idea to bring an emergency kit to every shoot you go to. While we’ll supply a lot of these items on the day of your shootout, it’s worth creating one for client shoots. You might like to include bobby pins, hair ties, a sewing kit, Kleenex, tide-to-go, Tylenol and even a lint brush. 

#8 Water and Snacks

There’s nothing worse than feeling dehydrated or hungry during a shoot. Feel free to bring along anything that will boost your mood and keep your energy high. 

#9 Camera Backpack

We recommend finding a roomy and comfortable backpack rather than a hard case or suitcase as it’ll be easier to carry around throughout the shoot. Make sure the bag you choose has a defined area for each piece of gear so you can easily find what you need when you need it! Some of our favorite bags for shootouts are from Atlas Supply Co or a Think Tank.

#10 Your Creativity

If there’s a technique you’re wanting to test out (like prisms, motion blur or lens flare), our shootouts are a great opportunity! Our attendees range in experience levels so there’s likely someone who’s either had some experience in this new technique or is just as eager as you to test it out.