Finding Your Photography Style - Our 3 Favorites

Finding Your Photography Style.

In a sea of wedding photography on Instagram, Pinterest and the world wide web… how can  you possibly stand out against your competitors?

Sure, you can compete on price or maybe you can cater to a uber specific niche like adventurous elopements in Hawaii. But one thing’s for sure, getting clear on your style will be the best way to attract more of your dream clients.

Once you nail your style, you can start to perfect your craft with lots of practice and building a portfolio of photos that have a similar aesthetic.

Not only will this make your Instagram feed look pretty #instagoals but it speaks volumes to your dream clients about the style of photography you’re known for.

Still feeling a bit lost for where to start with finding your style?

Here are three of the most popular wedding photography styles that you might like to replicate in your own portfolio.

The images below are shot by attendees at our Anthropologie Elopement Shootout, but as you can see the same image can look SO different depending on the style of the photographer.

Dark and moody editing style from a styled wedding shoot

Dark & Moody

The combination of light and couple positioning work perfectly together to create an image that generates an emotional response of love and longing. This shot shows a deep moment of connection, as the couple are positioned in a way that feels like they’re not even aware they’re being photographed. A moody shot has a focus on the couple, not on the busyness of the background so you can shoot with a shallow depth of field to achieve a good background blur.

Bright & Airy editing style | Styled wedding shoot with Shootout Society

Bright & Airy

For a lot of couples, this style is the go to as it’s bright, soft and romantic (just like weddings!) Think overexposed or “blown out” skies and shots in shady areas for beautiful soft lighting. Above all, master your Bokeh which is just a cute name for blur. A blur can be achieved with a low aperture which is the fundamental element in a bright and airy look because it naturally brightens the image and puts focus on the couple.

Warm & Golden editing style | Styled wedding photo with The Shootout Society

Warm & Golden

This style is perfectly suited to “golden hour” shoots, right before sunset, where the air is filled with a flattering golden hue that’s more diffused. It removes the harsh shadows you see when the sun is high in the sky and instead creates long, soft shadows that add dimension to your photos. To preserve those golden hues you’ll want to choose a manual setting for your White Balance otherwise your camera will automatically balance the whites, leaving you with a bluer hue.

At each of our shootouts we host 15 photographers, each of them bring their own unique style to the shoot meaning that although you’re shooting the same subject, your photos will look unique to your personal aesthetic.

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