The 3 Best Friends Behind Bixby + Pine

The 3 Best Friends Behind Bixby + Pine

When it comes to our shootouts the styling is undoubtedly the most important job!

From creating a mood board to sourcing the vendors to choosing a location, there’s a lot to do. We’ve found that as The Shootout Society grows, we’ve been on the hunt for more coordinators to help us create epic experiences for our attendees!

And that’s where Bixby + Pine comes in.

Just like the scene from a Rom Com where the guy and the girl lock eyes for the first time across a crowded room, connecting with Bixby + Pine was love at first sight!

They’d been following us for a little while and were fans of our shootouts, so when we put the call out for coordinators in Seattle, they jumped at the opportunity. And we’re so glad they did!

The three best friends, Taylor, Ashley and Jordan started Bixby + Pine back in 2014. With a mutual love of event planning, styling and the wedding industry, they’ve produced work that’s simply incredible, utilising up to date trends and their unique style.

Tell us a little bit about who the Bixby + Pine girls are behind the scenes?

While we’re WILDLY similar in so many ways, what really makes us a strong team, is that we’re so different. What one lacks, the other makes up for and our skills come together pretty magically to help us be a well-rounded, well-oiled business.

How did you start the business?

Bixby + Pine began in 2014 officially, but unofficially YEARS before that! As three best friends we planned everything with intense detail including birthday parties, carnivals, talent shows, and everything in between.

Prior to going full time in the business, Jordan ran and owned a family daycare business, Ashley graduated college with a degree in psychology and Taylor was working in marketing. Although we haven’t had any formal styling training, our unique experiences and skill sets seem to work perfectly together.

What's the best thing about owning a creative business?

This is going to sound a little silly, but honestly, we feel like we have the best job ever! We get to do WHAT we love and we get to do it WITH the people we love. We attract clients that become our friends because we don't like transactional relationships. Instead we like heartfelt, come-to-a-concert-with-me and share-my-glass-of-wine kinda people and we've been super blessed to have worked with couples that resonate with our vibe.

What do you love most about working in the wedding industry?

It's safe to say that our couples and our vendor friends are the best part of the wedding industry. We're not on earth for a long time, so it's our goal to make meaningful relationships with people and make really rad experiences through our designs and planning. The wedding industry pretty much pairs our two favorite things together, relationships and experiences, so naturally it's just a really good fit.

How would you describe the Bixby + Pine style?

Our job is to put together a wedding day that reflects our couple and their love story, while celebrating all the people that matter most in their lives! We obviously care about the pretty shit, but more importantly, we want our clients to know that the wedding we design for them could only be theirs, that's how intentional we are throughout the planning process.

What trends are you seeing in styling and what resources do you use to find them?

Trends can be hard to nail down, because you want to be somewhat original when designing for a day as big and personal as someone’s wedding. So we try to steer clear of only doing something because it's hot and cool right now, while still pushing the boundaries with new and innovative designs that haven't already been seen a million times all over the internet.

We use Pinterest a lot when it comes to inspiration and styling. We like to draw inspiration from different forms of art like architecture, home decor, graphic design, paintings, text and font pairings, food and drinks, and everything in between.

What's your favourite wedding theme to style for?

While we consider the Seattle area home, Cabo and Kauai have quickly become our second homes, and thirdly to that is Portland. We love a nice mix between outdoorsy, trendy, and a little boho, while still keeping things as timeless as possible (without being boring!)

What's next for Bixby + Pine?

Our goal for the moment is to design as much as possible and meet the most incredible people through weddings, workshops and shootouts.

Are you excited to be collaborating with The Shootout Society?

Is this a trick question?! HELL YEAH WE ARE! Since inception we've been fans of The Shootout Society, so when we saw this opportunity come into our inboxes, we pretty much jumped at it as fast as possible!