5 Reasons We Use HoneyBook To Automate Our Business


Hands up if you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by all the admin you need to do in your business? We’re assuming your hand’s up pretty damn high because as a photographer you’re trying to manage clients, inquiries and future projects as well as run the day to day invoicing and your bookings calendar. What a headache! 

If you’re doing this business thing on your own, you can’t just handball tasks off to your assistant to handle because they simply don’t exist! Your swimming in paperwork and contracts unable to get ahead of the endless to-do lists and workflows. Well, we’ve got a little insider hack that’s going to simply the process allowing you to get all your ducks in a row. Introducing the end-to-end project management tool, HoneyBook

HoneyBook is an absolute lifesaver,” said Brianna Broyles, founder of The Shootout Society. “Since discovering HoneyBook 3 years ago, I’ve been able to easily keep track of all my inquiries, manage upcoming projects and create custom workflows to automate the entire experience for my clients. It’s taken the overwhelm out of the business side of things, allowing me to focus on what I’m actually good at!”


5 Reasons To Choose HoneyBook

All-In-One Project Management

It’s the single solution you need to manage every client inquiry from start to finish. Built specifically for creative business owners, you can keep track of all of your projects from inquiry through to payment as well as streamline the communication via their messaging function so you can forget getting lost in emails and text messages. You can also add your invoices, contracts and other important files in one place making them easily accessible from anywhere for you and your clients.

Proposal Templates

Bringing together the proposal, the agreement, the invoice and the payment all in one place, HoneyBook makes it easy for you to get paid on time! They have beautiful, professional proposal and agreement templates which you can send directly to your client through the tool and triggering invoices at the right times in your process. Say goodbye to old school PDFs and impress your clients with online interactive packages and pricing templates.

Get Paid Quicker

Once you set up a profile for each of your clients, you can ask them to pay your deposit and your final invoice through the tool. This helps you keep track of what’s been sent and what’s been paid so you don’t have to manually cross-reference payments across multiple tools. With this feature your clients know exactly what needs to be paid and the corresponding due date. Your clients even have the option to set-up “Auto Pay” to avoid missing any future payments.

Automated Emails

This feature is the biggest time saver! All you need to do is spend some time upfront to develop a workflow of emails you want to send out to your clients (ie: reminders about their upcoming engagement shoot or tips for planning their wedding in Palm Springs). Not only does it ensure you're sending out the right emails at the right time, it ensures your brand and message is consistent throughout the process. You never have to worry about dropping the ball when your calendar gets really booked!

It’s Easy to Set Up

As creatives who aren’t necessarily tech-savvy, we can assure you that HoneyBook is super easy to set up. They also offer training and concierge customer support if you do get stuck along the way. Spend a little time now setting everything up to ensure a better experience for your future clients. 

HoneyBook helps you spend more time on what you’re passionate about and less time on the essential admin that comes with running a business.