Attendee Spotlight With Alexandra Cooper Photography

“The Shootout Society Helped Me Book My Dream Clients” - Alexandra Cooper Photography

Let’s face it, one of the best things about our shootouts is getting to meet 15+ other photographers who are all up to their own epic stuff. 


But if you’ve never attended a shootout before, we want to share this little chat we had with attendee and photographer Alexandra Cooper so you can kind of feel like you’re in with the cool kids too. 

Alexandra has been working as a freelance photographer for the past 5 years and specializes in weddings, children and product photography. She attended our Bohemian Luxe Palm Springs Wedding, Colorful Rooftop Palm Springs Wedding and our Southwestern Joshua Tree Elopement and has been building a stunning portfolio off the back of these events. She has a great eye for capturing those special moments, she loves to try out new things and is on a mission to change people’s lives. 

What inspired you to get into photography?

Twelve years ago my Mom made a documentary on war photographer, Eddie Adams. There were lots of his photography books lying around our house and I couldn’t stop looking at them. I was drawn to the way his images made me feel. His work inspired me to pick up a camera and give photography a try, so I enrolled at Art Center College of Design and haven't put my camera down since.

How would you describe your photography style?

I got into photography because I was inspired by photojournalism and as a photojournalist, you’re always looking for the moments when your subjects aren’t aware you’re even there. I love waiting for the right moment to capture something that can’t be naturally reproduced. I think my style reflects that.


What did you think about your first shootout with The Shootout Society?
I found The Shootout Society on Instagram and was drawn to the strong styling of each shoot. What I loved most was that you get right into the shooting. There’s no fluff, just shooting. You have a lot of time to shoot whatever you want and you can direct the couple however you want. Brianna doesn’t put restrictions on you, so even though there are 15 other photographers shooting it still feels as if it’s your own shoot. I’ve actually attended a few Shootouts because they’re so laid back and it feels like you are shooting with a group of good friends. Many other workshops I’ve been to feel uptight and exhausting, but these shootouts are the exact opposite. 

How has attending a shootout changed your business? 

The quality of images that I created from the Shootout helped me book my dream clients. We all know not every wedding we shoot is one we want to feature, so it’s nice to be able to showcase a very strong shoot. The Shootout is an accurate representation of the wedding photography world and it reminds you that there are thousands of photographers out there shooting the same thing as you, but you have to learn how to stand out. You have to find a unique angle, break the exposure rules and feel comfortable experimenting. The Shootouts lets you explore and test without having the pressure of delivering images to a client. 


Who would you recommend our shootouts to?

I would recommend a shootout to anyone who wants to build their portfolio, experiment and network with photographers/vendors.


What would your dream shootout look like?

I’m drawn to images that feel very carefree. Maybe a shootout on the open road with a vintage car or where a couple is exploring some abandoned place. The images you don’t normally see.


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