Five Ways to Speed Up Your Workflow

Rather than wishing for more hours in the day, why don’t you just make better use of the time that you have? When it comes to running a business it’s critical to maximize your time and focus on the tasks that only you can do and make the most impact on your clients.

It seems like we are all racing the clock trying to squeeze as much into each day as possible. Not to worry because we have curated five proven strategies to help you maximize each second and lead to increased productivity and better your business!

Create Task Lists with Asana

This is one of our favorite task management platforms that has become an ultimate life saver and is helpful for getting your projects under control. Rather than having endless sticky notes or scribbled to do lists you can utilize Asana to create different projects and breakdown exactly what you need to accomplish for each aspect of your business.

Not only does this platform give you helpful tools to organize your to-do’s in clear and meaningful ways but we also love its ability to set deadlines. By adding a deadline date to each task it gives you a helpful reminder to stay on track and you can even check your custom calendar each morning to see what tasks you have due that day! Overall, this is the way to go for getting your business organized and under control.

Prioritize Daily, Weekly and Monthly Tasks

Often it seems like there is a never ending list of tasks that must be completed. To increase your productivity its been helpful to create priorities in your business rather than wasting time trying to decide what you should focus on next.

When you have a game plan and roadmap for how you are going to operate it creates a clear path for what needs to be achieved and keeps your workflow running smoothly. By creating a list of daily, weekly and monthly tasks with the most important tasks at the top and the least important on the bottom it becomes clear what needs to be accomplished on the day-to-day and overall monthly basis.

Set Timers For Yourself

Another powerful tool that not only organizes your business but keeps you on task is creating a schedule and setting time limits. By giving yourself a set amount of time to work on or complete a task it gives you motivation to stay focused and leads to increased productivity.

Setting short timers throughout our days not only helps manage the amount of time you are spending on each task but keeps your days organized and helps the day go by quicker and smoother while still accomplishing the things that need to get done.

Delegate Tasks to Others

Have you ever felt like the things you hate most in your business take the longest? Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses and the reality is that you should not wear all of the hats in your business. It can be helpful to start delegating, whether big or small, tasks that other professionals can work on so you can do what you do best.

For most photographers managing the books and figuring out taxes are the most dreaded part of the business. Rather than wasting hours on details that are clearly not your passion you can save time by delegating that to an accountant/bookkeeper so you can spend your hours shooting, editing and serving happy clients.

Another example may be that you really love shooting but sitting behind a desk for hours on end editing is simply draining and drives you crazy. You can speed up your workflow by outsourcing your editing to give you more time to shoot and interact with additional clients. Whatever tasks there are it is always beneficial to build up a team within your business and delegate tasks so you can maximize the amount of work hours in your day.

Systemize Your Business

The last and one of the most powerful proven strategies to maximize efficiency and speed up your daily workload is to create a systematic foundation for the way your business operates. Each client should receive the same high quality experience and in order to deliver that same level of quality over and over again you need to have a system in place.

Using a client management system or putting multiple tools into practice for the different aspects of your business allows you to craft an experience that can be repeated and ultimately save you time from repeating yourself over and over. For example, crafting email templates, guides and responses for clients saves you the time from rewriting the same emails repeatedly each time you get new inquiries or clients. By creating a system for how you respond to clients, what they receive and when they receive it and setting overall deadlines throughout your company’s experience you are creating a predictable plan that will save you endless hours in the future.

Putting these strategies into play will help you to focus on the tasks that really matter in your business, set deadlines, build a team and ultimately systemize your business so you can better serve your clients!