Meet the Babes of Veiled Vanity Artistry


We have been so lucky to have worked with two incredibly talented gals that are killing it in the world of beauty. Meet Amanda and Carissa, the owners of Veiled Vanity Artistry, who have joined us for several past shootouts and will hopefully join us for all the good stuff more moving forward. We took some time to chat and hear all of the creativity behind these two babes!

Tell us a little about yourselves!

Hi we’re Carissa Mestaz + Amanda Tomczak the owners and senior artists of Veiled Vanity Artistry. Carissa with over 10+ years of experience of doing hair has worked in all aspects of the industry from managing a high end salon to executing editorial shoots with noteworthy names. She prides herself on being ahead of the game in the world of fashion and beauty. That smile at the end of each client is what keeps her juices flowing. Amanda started her makeup journey in 2006 doing everything from retail sales + training to helping run a cosmetic startup. But through it all she has always freelanced and worked in weddings. To her there is no greater feeling than getting to make someone feel special and beautiful on such a monumental day. That feeling is what keeps her going to grow and evolve to be the best artist she can be for every client she touches!


Where are you based out of? What areas do you serve?

VVA is based out of Southern California but since we’re a full service on-location company we will travel far and wide. One of the best parts of what we do is traveling to all the beautiful places to glam our clients.

What is your favorite part about being in the creative industry?

We love being part of the creative industry because there is something magical about watching an idea come to life from its concept stages to the finished product which usually turns out even better than we could even imagine! Also we love meeting new faces and building relationships. That is a huge reason why we do what we do is the people we’ve met and get to now call friends.


Where do you draw inspiration?

We can draw inspirations from literally everywhere. We like to stay on top of the current “hot trends” in fashion and beauty. But to be honest it can hit anytime like while listening to a song or looking at a piece of jewelry sometimes that just gets those juices flowing. I think the idea is to just be open and if something speaks to you to explore it!

What is the best part about having a business partner?

Honestly the best part of having a business partner is having a second brain. Since we both have invested so much into this company when decisions or ideas need to be made we always have someone there as a permeant cheerleader and a second set of eyes. We think this will be a key to VVA’s success in the long run because of what we both bring to the table.


What is your biggest dream for Veiled Vanity Artistry?

We have quite a few BIG dreams for VVA but the biggest is growth and expansion. We want to have our brand exist all over the map and become one of the leading full service agencies that clients and artists know and most importantly trust.

Where do you see your business in 5 years?

In 5 years we see the business being launched in a few of our favorite cities. Not only glamming beautiful brides but also educating the incredible artist that call those cities home. A huge key for us is giving back to a community that we love so much. Over the course of our careers I know both of us feel so lucky to have soaked up all the knowledge, tips + tricks, and so much more from people we’ve worked with that it would be an honor to do the same in return for others.


What is one current wedding trend for makeup/hair you are loving right now?

Our favorite hair trends for brides is sporting styles out of the norm! We are loving a textured low pony or high pony or adding a hair accessory like a crown or head piece instead of a veil is a current fave since it just gives that “wow” factor. For makeup we’re obsessing over all things skin! Anything dewy with a natural glow and softly blended lines that creates that romantic ethereal look just gets us every time.

What has been your favorite part about being involved with The Shootout Society?

Seriously where do we even begin?! Being part of The Shootout Society just keeps us so inspired on every level. Every detail is taken care of and you can tell that all of the photographers and vendors love what they’re creating. We love that we get a chance to make real lasting relationships and let’s be honest the content is incredible! It’s amazing to see all the different variations of photos we receive throughout the following weeks from the photographers that attend each shootout.

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