Meet Our Guest Expert Gabriel Conover


Let’s all agree that the creative industry is full of so many talented people and we are so lucky to curate shootouts with amazing people all around. We are stoked to share a little behind the scenes of our good pal Gabriel Conover who not only modeled with his wife Michelle as one of our past model couples but will also come hang at the next Desert Shootout as our Guest Expert. You can see within 5 seconds of scrolling through Gabe’s Instagram feed that he is distinctly known for creating some amazingly authentic images. He kills it when it comes to the posing game and creating downright REAL IMAGES and behind that talent we wanted to hear a little more about his business and where it’s headed. Take a look below!

Tell us how you got started!

So, my adventure into business ownership started when I was 18. I married my middle school sweetheart and was climbing the management train at the one and only Starbucks. After being a store manager at Starbucks for a while, I decided I hated my job (surprise) and took a very daring plunge into going full time with wedding photography. At the time that I quit my job, we had just had a second kid and bought a home. So yeah, great timing Gabe! However, I personally believe that putting myself in this “threat state” situation forced me to be successful because I had no choice. So I hustled my ASS off and managed to completely support our current lifestyle and more all within one year. So let’s just say that rapid growth IS possible if you put in the hours. 

I believe in continuous growth or the “growth mindset.” This is the one thing that stuck with me from my time at Starbucks. In other words, I never want my business to be stagnant. Every time I start to get comfortable, it’s a trigger for me to try something new and grow in different ways. I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew, but I also don’t ever want to feel like I’m done. My family is and always will be my priority, but it’s honestly just incredible to be living out my dream job so the time away from them is not too terrible. ;)

Where are you based out of? What areas do you serve clients? Do you travel?

I’m based out of San Diego! I don’t do much travel but I’m open to it! I don’t brand myself as a destination photographer because I don’t want to be away from family too much.

What is your favorite part about being in the creative industry?

The community! I mean, there are definitely flaws but overall it is just amazing to see how much everyone supports each other. The small business pack is real!

Where do you draw inspiration?

I draw my inspiration from entrepreneurs (like India Earl and Jenna Kutcher). People who started out from nothing and have grown into big names. They never became stagnant and kept seeing what else they could offer.

What is your biggest dream for your business?

Honestly, just continuous growth. If my business is always moving up in someway, I count that as success.

Where do you see your business in 5 years?

I can honestly say, that I might not be shooting weddings anymore, and if I am, very few. I feel like there is a point where you just can’t grow anymore shooting weddings. So what is the next step? Education (which I’m already starting to do), products, I dunno. The options are endless. I have always wanted to open a business with my brothers so that’s definitely something. 

What is one current wedding trend you are loving right now?

The absence of trends! I mean, I know that there are definitely a few out there. But I just love that more and more people are just doing whatever the heck they want and making their wedding their own. 

What has been your favorite part about being involved with The Shootout Society?

My BFF Brianna Broyles LOL. But really, meeting aspiring photographers is just amazing. They become some of my biggest supporters and I will never forget them and I just love watching them grow. 

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