6 Ways to Be a Resourceful Entrepreneur


Whatever stage of the entrepreneurial life you’re in, I think we can all agree that it’s good to be resourceful! You can do A LOT with a little, if you don’t mind thinking outside the box! Here are some of my favorite ways to be resourceful as a business owner:

Headshot Swaps

As a photographer, I understand the importance of having good photos of yourself. Headshot swaps are my favorite way to do it! I’ll set up a few headshot swaps a year with different photographers so that I continuously have fresh photos of myself to share on social media and my website. I realize that not everyone is comfortable sharing photos of themselves online, but I’ve found that it really helps your audience to become more comfortable with who you are before you ever meet! It establishes a sort of trust factor that helps a lot when you meet up in person.

Ask Airbnb Hosts If They’ll Consider an Hourly Rate

This is one of those ideas that I thought, “why not? Doesn’t hurt to ask!” and I was surprised by the amount of hosts who were more than happy to work out an hourly rate for me. If you don’t have a studio space and you need an interior place to photograph, try this!

Trade Services with Other Businesses

At the moment, I’m trading services with my personal trainer. She’s training me virtually and sending me nutritional meal plans, in trade for a photo session! You can do the same thing with hair; makeup artists, or collaborate with product companies (gift their products to your clients, in exchange for taking a few photos of the products for them to use on social media!) The possibilities are endless.

Borrow Equipment

Seriously. I get that equipment is a major investment and when you’re first starting out, you don’t (usually) have all this money lying around to upgrade everything. The first couple of years that I photographed weddings, I borrowed equipment from one of my photography professors. He was incredibly helpful and supportive, which I’ll always be grateful for. If you know any photographers in your area, ask them if you can borrow their equipment for your next wedding. It doesn’t hurt to ask. However, continue setting aside money to upgrade your equipment while you borrow. Don’t take advantage of them.

Get a Library Card and Read Up!

I’m a big fan of books, I love them a bunch. Books are incredibly resourceful for you as you grow your business! You can learn so much from other entrepreneurs and their experiences. And rather than buying those books, you can get a library card (for free) and read up. Here are some of my favorite business books:

- You Are a Bad Ass at Making Money

- #GirlBoss

- The Myth of the Nice Girl

Save, Save, Save!

Of course the point of being resourceful is to save your money, but are you actually saving your money? As in, setting aside a certain amount into your savings account every paycheck? I’m a huge advocate in creating goals and working towards them, and financial goals are no exception. Think of what you want your next financial goal to be and then begin taking the steps towards reaching it! Figure out how much money you should be setting aside each week in order to meet your goal in, say, 6 months. It will feel so rewarding when you’ve reached it! Happy saving!

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