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Attend Our Shootouts And Transform Your Business In More Ways Than One

Our mission at The Shootout Society is to bring together wedding photographers (of all different backgrounds) and a team of the best vendors in the biz, to create styled photoshoots that are far beyond anything anyone could have created on their own.

For newer photographers who are just entering the wedding industry, it can be overwhelming to discover just how many different vendors are involved in bringing a styled shoot together. From hairstylists, makeup artists, florists, event stylists,

rental companies and more, we love that our shootouts provide an opportunity for creativepreneurs to collaborate and create beautiful things together. 

Our generous vendors provide their services in return for photos of their craft, whether it be shots of the models’ hair, floral arrangements or the venue in all its styled glory. Both our vendors and attendees take pride in crediting each other when sharing images on social media and blogs, which is a big plus for attendees just starting out who have the opportunity to be featured on more established businesses’ profiles.


Brianna Broyles

Founder & Creative Director


Bixby + Pine

Event Coordinators


Brianna Vasquez

Marketing Assistant


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